Nipsey Hussle’s assassination proves that most influential Black people are being controlled.

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Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey Hussle

I used to get angry at Black people who had power and influence but were not using those most valuable assets to uplift the Black race. The assassination of Nipsey Hussle have me thinking differently now. What if these people we think have influence and power, only have influence but are being controlled by a system that is more powerful?

While I do listen to some hip-hop, I am more entrenched in Reggae and Dancehall so I did not know of Nipsey Hussle until yesterday. However, I knew of Dr. Sebi and was actually intrigued by the late great doctor. So when I saw the rapper and the doctor being linked together all over social media it really sparked my interest and so I went into some deep research.

I am very impressed with what Nipsey Hussle was about. It is obvious that he was a great man interested in building up the Black community and uplifting Black people. He was on some real Taking Care Of Our Own (TCOOO) type stuff.

Why would anyone want to assassinate man for trying to uplift his people? Well, we know why. After all, they assassinated Malcolm X, Medgar Evars, Martin Luther King and many more. The ones that they did not assassinate, they drove them insane of imprisoned them.

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It got me thinking though, the Black people with influence that are doing some real foul crap to keep the Black race down; are they being controlled? Could it be that they have no choice in what they are doing unless they want to risk losing their lives?

I remember watching a YouTube producer and a white executive producer or something like that was talking about how the rapper Ja Rule used to only rap love songs until he the exec told Ja that he needs do gangsta rap. When I hear that, I thought isn’t that a bitch; a white man telling a Black man to stop rapping about Black men loving Black women and instead rap about Black men killing Black men. Now I can’t help but to wonder how many rappers are being told what to rap about and are there consequences if they do not do as told.

I see Black celebrities right here in Jamaica who have so much influence over the island’s young people choose to bleach their skin and promote a culture of violence and perverted sex instead of using their influence for positivity. I see reggae artists who claim to be Rasta and are against oppression rush to perform in Israel despite its oppressive treatment of the Palestinian people. I see rappers who were said to be down for the Black cause release songs totally disrespecting Robert Mugabe, a man who was merely retuning to Black people that which was stolen from them. I used to get angry at the celebrities but after today, I am not angry at them anymore.

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If Nipsey Hussle was assassinated for the great work he was doing then maybe these celebrities that we see doing their foul crap really have no choice, unless they want to risk their lives. There is an evil power that wants to control influential Black people and those who they can’t control, they try to eliminate.



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