Police kneels on the neck of 14-year-old Black boy.

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Montreal Police
Montreal Police

No matter where in the world you are, how badly you are treated by the police depends on how dark you are. Last year a police in the United States knelt on the neck of George Floyd and press the very life out of him. One year later and police in Canada try the same tactic again except this time it was with a little boy, luckily the child is still alive.

Two white police officers in Montreal, Canada were caught on video kneeling on both the neck and back of a Black 14-year-old boy. The little boy seemed to be handcuffed, unarmed and not resisting while the officers knelt on him.

The Montreal police said they were investigating the incident to see what could have justified just behavior by the officers.

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A spokesperson for the department said that officers were responding to a fight that involved “more than a dozen young people from various schools.”

The following is from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The two officers rise after about 15 seconds. The officer who had his knee on the youth’s neck stands briefly, adjusts the youth’s body position, and then kneels with both legs on the teen’s neck and back.

The officer stays in that position for another 37 seconds.

While still pinning the teen down, the officer searches a bag and hands an object to his colleague. That officer then appears to show the object to the camera, saying the teen was being arrested for having a stun gun.

Beyond what is seen in the footage, it is not clear how long the officer was on the teen’s neck, because the video starts and ends with him restraining the teen.

In a later interview, police told Radio-Canada that two minors were charged for carrying weapons, and an investigation is underway into the incident.

Stay tuned to 18 Karat Reggae for more on this story as a member of the crew will be flying to Montreal for further investigation.

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