87% of White women want to have sex with Black men, according to new study.

White women love Black men
White women love Black men

While some Black men men are crazy about white women, a recent study proves that the feeling might be mutual as most white women are also crazy about Black men.

A study from Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 87 percent of American White women have had or fantasize about having sexual relations with African American males. The study was conducted by the Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Histology department, at Rutgers University.

The study reveals that a whopping 87% of white women dream of having sex with a Black man and in some cases many already have. Interestingly enough, the same study says only 13% of white women said they would would marry and raise a family with a Black man. Of the 800 involved in the study, 8 percent said they have actually dreamed of having a threesome with Black men.

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The fact that there is such a huge disparity between the number of white females who want to have sex with Black men versus those who would marry Black men, shows that many still have stereotypical view of Black men. Black men are seen as sexual masters in the bedroom but almost complete absent from the corporate boardroom.

So when it comes to sex, most white women would prefer a Black man but they look toward their own white men when they are looking for a provider.



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  1. white men in power has always hated black men since they only looked at them as property. As far as a black man in cooperate amerikkka, it will never be. a black man will never be able to have that power which is why a certain kind of white woman won’t permit herself to have a life with a black man, because he will never have that “white male and free privilege to make the money to the degree of having a financial empire

    • Nope, not at all, Evelyn. White men in power do nothing but pushing diversity and political correctness upon the nation, they’re very libturd. If they truly were what you say they are, the U.S. would be a very different place. There are several reasons why white women don’t go for black men – one, it’s natural to prefer one’s own race – and two, well… black men aren’t known to make great husbands and they don’t stick around. White women are just a status symbol for them – they impregnate those women and disappear, and in between there’s an increased risk of physical abuse.

  2. This is no fucking surprise! White women ate greedy whores who feel like they can do and have anything or anyone they want! I hope a lot of stupid Black men that worship these parasites see this and realize they only want you for the big D myth!Wake up fools they don’t have the capacity nor respect to love you!

  3. Black men look natural more athletic depite a small waist, but at the powerstats white men, especially slavic and caucasian people are much more stronger than de black man.

      • No why man is stronger then a blk man.reas yo bible his choose Judah not a European like the Catholics make you believe

    • @ Angel if Caucasians are stronger why are ppl of color dominating the sports world. When ppl want the best they go to the latinos negros or the native Indians . We look the best our swag is ridiculous our women are the prettiest we’re the smartest we’re the best at everything . There is no other race of ppl better thAn us. We’re i the ghettos and hoods. Ppl still look at us as Gods they high jack our swagthe Caucasian women wanna look like a woman of color so bad . Lol white men stronger lol the sun gives me vitim d y’all get skin cancer the sun is life the Caucasian race is a carbon copy of the black male and female. That’s why they steal our organs this is nothing new. Look at the movie Get Out they show how they see us ppl of color .

      • @ Michael you couldn’t have worded it better! I totally agree with you 👌 Black is Beautiful all Year Long. #MyBlackRocks! #WeLoveTheSkinWeAreIn

  4. Thing is those white women arnt worth it as I would have sex and marry a black man white men are not all that as they make out to be and this is coming from a white woman

  5. You don’t provide a link to the study because the study doesn’t exist. The department you claim this study was conducted by doesn’t exist. If you google that department the only hits are this article.

    We get it, you hate white men and you want to make them mad, but the problem is we’re a little bit too clever for this crap. The next time you make shit up to make yourself feel better, try and do it in a way that can’t be debunked instantly by even a school child.

    • The real question is why would this make you mad? If 87% of white women want to fuck black men I don’t understand how the fuck that’s any of your business. You and anyone else who has a problem with this study needs to deal with your insecurities.

  6. I don’t like when you black men have a chip on your shoulder assuming every race of women want them …especially sexually it kinda demoralizes you guys because there isn’t any moral compass when it comes to who you have sex with….feeds into the racist stereotypes that you guys have no self control are rapist and impulsive…lack of commitment and lack of family values…..instead of black men being concerned with what others opinion of their sexual ability is need to focus on community and black family…..they see black men as less than human and are killing left and right…we are at war with every other race your stroke and size of you dick won’t matter when they want to kill….time for us to stop being puppets, slaves, jigaboos and understand your worth is not in your pants….

    • I agree with you and I am a black man who has lot’s of white women attracted to him because, I am tall, muscular and dark but, it doesn’t phase me to be a sex object.

      • An what do you propose or is this just your way of filling in missing information like we don’t already know this s*** get your black ass off your couch and help out

  7. I think this is made up to feed into black mens insecurities and inferiority complex. This contradicts with other real studie that are actually real.

  8. That’s nothing new. You would find the same results when studying black men. Majority would want sex with a white woman vs being Married to them because they feel white woman are more nastier and kinky in the bed room. Sex over marriage is a win regardless.

  9. get outta da stone ages ppl, who gives a shit about colour, jc do who eva u love as long as u in accord. fuck this race shit, its way past its tym already. old ass ppl keep perpetuatun it to us youngins. stop dat shit

  10. I can tell you that I personally bone as many white women as I can. I always put my 9 inch dick in before it gets hard and as it geows to its full length I listen to their ribs crack. There’s nothing like getting a hold of 1 whose never been with a black man, the look in their eyes is priceless when they’re getting a real dick instead of the 4 inch wonder worm…

    White men have been raping our women for hundress of years, it’s our turn to get even. And every time I see a 70ish white man with his mixed grand baby it tickles the shit outta me.

    If you don’t like it I don’t really care. I’ll keep killing white Vijay Jay until I’m too old to do it. The tables have turned….

  11. And let me add that I have 1 white girl who I’ve filled every hole and she can barely go home to have sex with her husband anymore. She says it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

    • I would just like to say,look at the big picture. The most beautiful are half and half. To me it is a sign,and a reward that when different races come together beautiful things happen. That’s not an opinion, that is fact. No matter what 2 races come together. Peace

  12. I’m a white woman and have been married to a black man for 15 years and we’ve been together for 20 years. We have 3 beautiful daughters and yes, I know how to take care of their hair aND skin. I’m with him because I love him and I get along well with his entire family, mostly women. We both work hard and have a wonderful beautuful relationship. I am not with him for the color of his skin. I’m with him because I love him and he loves me.

    • Black man here, Lori, thank you for telling the truth. Americans are eaten up with their sick, demented and racist perceptions of black men and white women relationships. Black women say that a white woman is out to get a black man thrown in jail or killed by saying that he raped them or attacked them. Or, they only want to experience and enjoy that black meat between that black man’s legs. The truth is tons of white women are married to, and love black men and have beautiful offspring. I am proud that you are one of life’s examples of a white woman that selected her black husband from a heart of love. Today, more and more white females want to marrying black men and love them and take care of them from a true heart of love. Old white racist stereotypes are being shattered and white women are realizing that the white man’s attempt to besmirch black men by making them appear as though they are crooks, thieves, rapists, etc, are nothing but filthy lies. These falsities emerge from the white man’s generational insecurities, fear and ignorance. I am from California and encourage people to love and date those of other cultures. Black women should leap out of their landlocked minds and date other than just black men. There are nice and kind white men that want to and would to love marry black women, however, in their case they are fearful of what their white family and friends and co-workers would say, black men have no such fear. Lori, I applaud you and your husband for your bravery and determination to love each other inspite of American’s hate, prejudice and racist attitudes about couples like you and your spouse. I pray to God Almighty that your family stay safe and protected by the hand of the Lord and that you prosper and increase in every good thing.


  13. This whole page with the study and the comments I’ve seen just make me laugh. I’m an African American male and my opinion is that not just 87% of white women have thought about sex with African American men but 100% have thought about it or wanted it in there lives. They probably have thought of the same thing for every other race out there as well. Are African American people, male and female, better at having sex as a whole? In my opinion from my experiences yes I believe that on average they are. Do white men have a better chance of making money in America? I agree on average they do but as time goes on that will continue to change as the percent of racism and certain stigmas continue to go down as the decades go on. There’s nothing wrong with feeling every race of women wants you that’s how your suppose to feel its called having confidence and if you don’t have that you’ll only attract desperate women for the most part. Also people get confused in thinking that a ton of African American men want white women lol no that’s absolutely not the case. They just want women period just like any other race of men. Their just happen to be more white women than African American women in this country. I don’t like grouping people like this because everybody is different. If the country was made of equal shares of races of women do you really think white women would still be at the top? If 25% were Latina, 25% were Asian, 25% were African American, and 25%were white do you really think weed even be having this discussion?? Not a chance.

      • White Women will always be Above nasty shit colored monkey twat ..The only way I would Fuck a Spook , would be with my 12 Gauge ..

    • Stfu nigger lmao you think 100% women want your nasty fucking chimp looking mugs? My girlfriend is disgusted by you, she is litteraly hitler-tier racist, she would never touch a nigger and I know many like her. Keep fooling yourself.

      • That’s just what she tells you hick. But when she’s not around you and your micro penis that you probably can’t even look down and see when taking a piss she’s in that 87%. Sorry!

      • Mark, you’d be surprised. There are many white women who are like your girl friend that say that they hate black men and would not touch one. However, oftentimes that statement is a rouse for a secret desire to have sex with black men. They say that because they want you to think that they would never be involved with a black guy.That helps you to feel secure and non-threatened. Some times those same women are riding black men every chance they get and enjoying sex like you and white cats like you can never provide for them. As matter of fact, many white women have had sex with black men and you white dudes don’t even know it. So, don’t be so sure that she is getting some from black men when you are not around.

  14. I was going to pass this post by, but being from Jersey I have seen two discrepancies in the heading.
    1. Rutgers University has multiple campuses, one of which is in New Brunswick
    2. New Rochelle is a city in New York.

    If their statistics are as accurate as their geography and research on the school in question, I wouldn’t pay much attention to this article.

  15. Well well well hahahahahah low brained niggas first rudgers is in new brunswick not rochelle, second WTF cultural histology, histology is the study of microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals

  16. Fake. Here’s a similar fake story from 2013. That branch of the university also doesn’t exist. Clearly, these stories are created by someone with a hatred for white people, and a a desire to target whites with interracial propaganda, much like what has been aggressively promoted by the mainstream media recently.

    http://archive.is/djdu1 (archived link)

    “A study from Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 90 percent of American White women have had sexual relations with Asian American males in the last five years, according to the Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Historology department, at Rutgers University. Studies concluded that white women are married, or single, and that the ‘myth of the big asian penis’ drove them all to wild ecstacy and an insatiable need for inter-racial sex. Studies also concluded that White Women in general biologically programmed to seek out Asian men to mate with. There are also increasing record numbers of white women on sex tour in East and South East Asia.”

  17. You realize this is a false article you fucking idiots. There isn’t even such a thing as a histology department, how about fact-checking before publishing an article you dumbasses.

  18. As the Dean of the Cultural Histology Department here at Rutger’s New Rochelle office, I must contend with the current audience and their displeasure at fooling the people all of the time, rather than some of the time, which is shame on you! Our Sexualus Intercoetus Uncontrollabus Vite Womanus survey was conducted on the most official train of data imaginable. Our top scientists and statisticians concluded that approximately 86.5839% of white women in the United States have a deep, genetic yearning and need for sex with the black man, due to rumors of his sexual prowess and reports of his mindhumbingly huge penis. White women will even show up to jails to bail their negroes out to keep their insatiable lust well lubricated. I am proud of our results and that we have uncovered the maximum truth about the white woman and her biological and genetical need for Negro Penis. Thank you, Dr E. Ricardo, Cultural Liaison of Histological Reference and Sexual Statistics with regard to the Huge Black Penis survey.

  19. guess they all want to experiment, but too bad a few dont want to marry and raise kids with them.
    but no different from white males chasing asian girls

  20. By the way, I, Dr ricardo, didn’t say 87% of white women WANT to have sex, I said 87% HAVE ALREADY HAD SEX with big large huge negroes. So this correction needs to be made clear! Of course, it’s 100% of white women who desire sex with the huge African Negroe with the big hugeness, so let’s make that clear.

  21. Niggers are so, so, so stupid. 90%+ of them. They aren’t human being.

    Any woman who fucks one of these animals deserves to be hung to death.

    Ending slavery was a really stupid thing to do. Nuggets don’t have the brain power to exist in modern society.

    And yes, this ‘study’doesn’t exist, totally fake.

    • Blacks will be Gone , before that Happens ! Race War will WIPE YOU PEOPLE FROM THE EARTH … And that will take a lot of Toilet Paper .. And one Big Septic Tank ..

  22. Because everything on the internet is right hahaha
    87% of those women didnt want to sound racist. 87% of black woman want the same with white men.

  23. Yeah Right ! Be like Fucking a Turd .. I wouldn`t Fuck a Black Skank with my Dogs Dick ! Even Black Guys don`t want to Fuck Black Bitches , YUK !

  24. Hey Guys i’ve heard many of ya talking shit!
    why does white women want to have a fuck with black men and not matrimony fuck!
    you black! you are taken like idol fuck!
    try to be open minded they used you to do all what they want during colonial while you were brainless FUCK YALL B’COZ they still doin’ so!
    you are idol ARE YOU?
    say yes niggar cause you believe so, I FUCK ‘EM ALL!
    stand on your own NIGGAR!

  25. As a half white and indigenous american man. I can say that race doesnt truely matter. I have fucked just about every race from hispanic to asian to white and african american women. Its all about how good you are effective communication to get that pussy. Im a smooth guy and i dont really care too much about this race bs. Ive had my share and im content with fucking any race that has graced my bed:) yall can learn a thing or 2. 40+ women at 25. I am blessed:”)

  26. It’s just a color,The ones called white have ruined the earth they resemble demons,light burns them hate ensnares them killing humans of any kind invigorates them at their core,they are physically weaker at birth and in later years such is why natives weren’t used as slaves but murdered much like the jews and Africans taken with guns.Without those guns..You are no match and the world wouldn’t need to put you in your place..Discovered nothing raped everything.Racism is a mental illness you say we resemble feces that’s childish you resemble everything evil in a man everything that could go wrong.Your women are brainwashed just like everyone else the toneless ones pulled guns on ..It’s the men..Not their women.

  27. It’s just a color you’re mentally ill,The ones called white have ruined the earth they resemble demons,light burns them hate ensnares them killing humans of any kind and feeling “better”? invigorates them at their core cause they cannot make amends they are demonic,they are physically weaker at birth and in later years such is why natives weren’t used as slaves but murdered much like the jews and Africans taken with guns.Without those guns..You are no match and the world wouldn’t need to put you in your place like it will hopefully before you kill us all with your greed and ignorance of what mankind is(not a color)..Discovered nothing raped everything.Racism is a mental illness you say we resemble feces that’s childish you resemble everything evil in a man everything that could go wrong.Your women are brainwashed just like everyone else the toneless ones pulled guns on ..It’s the men..Not their women.Fake article real talk.

  28. 18k Reggae has gone to absolute shit. Racist articles, anger, hatred, vitriol… bad, bad vibes. Lacking consciousness. Now I leave. Peace and love, may you find your way back.

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