Why you can’t blame Kamala Harris for marrying a white man.

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Kamala Harris and her husband
Kamala Harris and her husband

The following post is by Mel’issa Mel and is response to a previous post by someone insinuating that because Kamala Harris who has a Black Jamaican father is married to white man, it means that she believes white men make better husbands than Black men.

She [Kamala Harris] didn’t say that [white men make better husbands than Black men] with her actions either. These are the type of articles that are being used to interject discord. The woman’s heritage is diverse which already makes her multi-racial. That alone by itself, qualifies her to be more open-minded and empathetic to other races.

Moreover in the US, twice as many Black men marry White women, than marry Black women. And since men of no other race actually step up to close this gap, Black women face a significant marital deficit. Thus, every Black man who marries a White woman reduces the likelihood that a Black woman will marry within her race, resulting in an awareness that her own prospects for coupled happiness are diminished thereby.

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One could even argue that Black men don’t face the same dilemma, so aren’t even justified in having the same response if you really want to play this race baiting. I will assume that the gentleman pursued her, came correct and enthusiastically enamored her, bringing to the table exactly what she was looking for… So she married him, and the world is a better place for it as we are ALL members of the same race- the HUMAN RACE.

Interracial relationships exist the same way Ethnocentric relationships exist… let people live their best lives.

I refuse to perpetuate hate by casting an ideology over people’s happiness and freedom to love. I know many mixed race people, so to spout this kind of rhetoric is devaluing them as human beings.

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I get that your position comes from a place of distrust and pain, but we must be more empathetic to others. This kind of rhetoric is dangerous and only perpetuates discrimination. How do you think mixed race children feel when they hear people saying this kind of thing? Or persons involved with Whites, Asians, Latinos, Indians? I’ll never never devalue people’s love and their families because of my own internal prejudices.

*** Kamala Harris is a Democratic vying for the 2020 presidential nomination. She currently trails Joe Biden in the polls for the Democratic primary.



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