Damian Marley gets disrespected in Kenya.

People often accuse 18 Karat Reggae of being haters of the Marleys which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  While we don’t support the things they support or condone some of their unjust actions, we have no hatred towards them.  Of course we are not fans of theirs either.

While we are not fans, we have to say that the treatment Damian Marley received from a radio announcer in Kenya was extremely disgraceful and uncalled for.  In fact, Kenyans should insist that this radio announcer issue a public apology to Damian Marley.  Damian does not deserve an apology because he is the son of Bob Marley, the king of reggae.  He deserves an apology because no human being should be disrespected in this manner in a situation like this.

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Apparently a young fan at the airport wanted to take a selfie with Damian but the reggae star says he was too tired as he had just gotten off a long flight.  Chick of Capital FM did not appreciate Damian Marley not taking a selfie with the young fan and began to curse out the reggae star, saying “Fuck Damian Marley”.

If the radio announcer was cursing at Damian or any of the Marleys for their support of apartheid Israel or their robbing of the Barrett Brothers, we would be in agreement.  However, to curse someone who has just gotten off a long flight for being too tired to take a selfie is stupid.

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Hopefully a public apology will be coming to Damian Marley soon.




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