If Bob Marley and Neil Young wrote a song for today’s world.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Bob Marley and Neil Young
Bob Marley and Neil Young

Think Bob Marley and Neil Young write a Day in the Life for today’s world of hypocrisy and double standards. The result would be something like “Really Small Town”, the debut single from One Eyed Oracle of Toronto, Canada, featuring Jamaica`s indigenous reggae artist Kalask aka iDavid.

“Really Small Town” is a melodic, reggae grooved, alternative folk that exposes the abundance of hypocrisy in today’s society.

Boris (Slavic for warrior) is a long time alt-grunge-indie Canadian (Toronto) musician songwriter with influences from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols, who plays songs from a wide array of influences around themes of social equality to inner love and peace. In this song, he’d been prompted to respond by writing Really Small Town, when hearing of the news of Bayer’s offer to purchase Monsanto seed company. After hearing the song, Tom Hamilton, witness to the atrocities carried out by the Salvadorean police state during the 80’s, who lost his wife Rhena Lee Hymovitch, a humanitarian coordinator for Salvaide, due to a suspicious drowning accident outside of La Libertad, El Salvador, on May 18th, 1988, connected in ways too profound to articulate.

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Tom came into the studio for a hour and a half, and Boris spent the summer of 2018 editing his work. Kalask met Boris in the studio while putting on the finishing touches to his own songs. The following week in September, they shared a few hours together in a garden outside the studio, raised some smoke signals, became friends, and then proceeded to record all the vocals. It’s that spontaneity, and purpose that has fashioned this song into what it is today.

Boris’ last work 1041, (10 songs and exactly 41 minutes) took incredibly, 30 years to make, released under United Truce; played across North America from KALX to CHMR, and “All I Am,” charted at University of Toronto’s CIUT, and played live on the The Howl with the late Nik Beat. At this time, Really Small Town foreshadows the coming of a full-length album by One Eyed Oracle, scheduled for a summer 2019 release, 11 years later.

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“Really small town” is co-Produced with multi gold record engineer and producer Jeff McCulloch of Wellesley Sound, (Dirty Dancing, Celine Dion, Shania Twain) Mixed and Mastered too, Violin, backing vocals, and mandolin by poet multi-instrumentalist genius Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton (El Marillo), w/ Matt O’Rourke on percussion (Shawnee, Jack DeKeyser, Kris Barclay), with additional vocals by Kalask, and Boris Buhot writer, arranger, electric bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, editing, and production (United Truce).

Songwriter Boris Buhot Socan, ASCAP,



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