The Marleys threaten lawsuit against ‘Marley Gras’.

The Marleys
The Marleys

When it comes to money, you can’t play with the Marleys; the organizers of the New Orleans Jerk Chicken Festival just found that out first hand. The Marleys might say “Rasta” in music but in real life they are “Jews”.

After the NOLA Caribbean Festival announced on Jan. 1 that it would be holding its first jerk chicken festival, it caught the ire of The Marleys.

The original event was billed as a mixture of the best of New Orleans Carnival culture and Jamaican culture for Bob Marley’s birthday.

“New Orleans and Jamaican culture are so intertwined that it’s only fitting that Bob Marley’s birthday falls smack dab in the middle of Mardi Gras season. The NOLA Jerk Chicken Festival celebrates Bob’s legacy in a way only New Orleans can,” read the event page. The organizers thought it would be cute to have in the middle of Mari Gras a small Marley Gras. The Marleys did not think it was so cute.

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The problem is, they were only charging $10 per person to attend the event and only a few hundred people were expected to attend. Therefore it is not an event that would be making enough money for The Marleys to get a big cut; say like Marley Naturals, Marley Coffee or Marley headphones. So the lawyers were summoned and the event was forced to change its name immediately.

After the initial post, which was shared over 700 times, festival organizers received “very threatening” correspondence to cease and desist using Marley’s name and likeness, or “all legal channels” would be pursued. They have since changed the logo, which originally featured the reggae icon.

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The festival’s new logo is now all chicken and the name is now NOLA Jerk Chicken Festival, but nothing else has changed, according to the event organizers.



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