Matisyahu says he is the king of reggae, not Bob Marley.

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Bob Marley and Matiyahu
Bob Marley and Matiyahu

To many around the world, Bob Marley is the king of reggae. To Matisyahu, however, it is he who is the king, he just does not have a crown to prove it.

The people might have crowned Bob Marley king, but in Matisyahu's mind, he Matisyahu, is the "King without a crown".

The people might have crowned Bob Marley king, but in Matisyahu’s mind, he Matisyahu, is the “King without a crown”.

To celebrate his 10-year career in music, Matisyahu is giving back to his audience by focusing on fan-favorite tracks.

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The reggae singer’s upcoming release Live at Stubb’s will feature stripped down versions of six of those fan-favorite songs. Today, Matisyahu is premiering the live video for “King Without A Crown” on Billboard.

The video, which you can watch below, was filmed in multiple locations, including shows at City Winery in Chicago, Foxtail Club in Las Vegas, and a studio session in Brooklyn.

Judging from the song above, Matisyshu is a great artiste but he is not yet on the same level as Bob Marley.

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  1. This is why it is important to cast out all white culture vultures from claiming Rastafari. They have no respect for other cultures nor the struggles of indigenous people to maintain their sense of identity and place in the wold.

  2. There is no way he smoked so much kosher weed that hethinks he is the king without a crown he is more like th2 fool without a clue

  3. Never in the history of the world can any man declare such falsehood and be credible.The source of this man’s craft is from JA/Rasta’s music all genres.Jah Rastafari are a blessed covenant unto themselves. An outside prophet by way of imitation cannot stand against Selassie I and Marcus Mosiah Garvey who declared the need to move away from this type of man. Espousing him self greater and better than!!! DANGEROUS

  4. THIS IS SUCH A FALSE ARTICLE SPINING LIES FOR NOOOOO REASON. BULLSHIT ARTICLE ALERT. not in amillon years would matis be so dumb to say that. he’s very talented and respects him

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