Sizzla is accomplishing the impossible in Jamaica but we want more.

Imagine a murder ridden community in a murder ridden country going an entire year without one single murder. It might sound like a script from a Hollywood movie but it is not, this actually happened in a community in Jamaica called August Town.

August Town is the community where Sizzla is from and for the entire 2016 there was not one single case of murder, an accomplishment that was led by the Sizzla Youth Foundation, which is headed by reggae Rasta artist, Sizzla.

So far in 2017, there has been one murder in the community but it just a small blemish on a major, almost impossible accomplishment. This minor blemish is not deterring Sizzla from his mission, as he knew from the outset that it would not be an easy road.

“It is a bit challenging, with sleepless nights and toilsome days because of the dire situations, and the fact that the area being labelled as bad and a lot of people being hurt over the past years because of the ongoing violence. We had to regain the trust of the people and those having a feud, and that wasn’t easy. But they were all open to the cause of a safe community, and so they answered the call in love, righteousness and peace and for this I thank and commend them,” said Sizzla.

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One has to wonder if the people of Jamaica and the Government really understand the magnitude of what Sizzla is accomplishing. Apart from the Bobo Ashantis living up Bobo Hill, nothing like this has been accomplished in Jamaica since Leonard Howell and the Pinnacle community. To put it in perspective, a lot of people like to talk about Bob Marley at the Jamaican Peace concert in 1978 when he got opposition leaders Edward Seaga and Michael Manley to shake hands. But that is all that was; a handshake. The following day the killings continued just like the day before the concert. What we are seeing now is real work being down and real results being achieved.

We love, comment, appreciate and respect Sizzla for his great work. Still great things are expected from great people. So we would like to see Sizzla expand this movement beyond August Town. On the other side of Jamaica, the streets are being washed with blood in St. Jamaica. It would be great to see Sizzla reaching out to the reggae and dancehall artists in those areas; like Tommy Lee Sparta and Jesse Royal to work with them to implement similar plans like what has been implemented in August Town. Reach out to Popcaan to do the same for Portmore. It would be nice for artists who are from relatively peaceful parishes like Capleton from St. Mary to lead a hand to a parish that is not so peaceful.

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As Sizzla continues the work in August Town, he has laid out his plan for the immediate future but we want to see that same plan in every corner of Jamaican that is being affected by violence.

“My plans are to pray together and meet with the people more, in order to create a safe haven of trust and love amongst the citizens. With this, we will be better able to increase the security, educational status, and living conditions of the people and children of the community for future years. It is also important for us to teach them more of Alexander Bedward, Marcus Garvey, Prince Emmanuel and His Imperial Majesty Selassie I. We are also looking to the concerns of health and economics for the community to bring about sustainable development, and to devise plans and strategies in eliminating the crime and violence from the community,” Sizzla said.

Buju Banton said in words, “Only Rasta can liberate the people over hills and valleys”, Sizzla is doing it in works.



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