Ziggy Marley’s support for apartheid Israel baffles real Rastas.

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Ziggy Marley and his wife
Ziggy Marley and his wife


How can a man claim to be a Rasta but beats his chest, brags and boasts about his strong support for apartheid Israel?  An oppressive Rasta is an oxymoron, plain and simple.

Ziggy Marley is simply another example of the off-spring of historic figures who sadly pale in comparison to their great parents. His music has always been not much more than the equivalent of warm mop water. It speaks on behalf of no one and it challenges no one. Of course he’s won Grammies for the commercial slop that he’s put out. Who or what is Rasta? There are literally tons of historical written and visual materials that speak to the roots of Rastafarianism and what it’s represented. To say that that his music and comments are in keeping with that tradition is laughable. Those who say otherwise are really just trying to “whitewash” Rastafarianism and erase its true essence which is at its core, the struggle for freedom.

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To those that say that Hamas is the root of the problem, you should remember one thing: In apartheid South Africa, Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) were blamed for the problems because they were resisting apartheid and the takeover of their land.

Hamas is more Legit than the foreign Israeli Ashkenazi Occupiers from the Caucus who are adopters and converts to the Hebrew religion. Carrying out a slow genocide against the Palestinians and Arabs who are the only true Semitic people of that land between Africa and Arabia, it is not a part of Europe or connected to Europe, and it is not the Middle East, it is in North Africa, next to Arabia. Hence, Palestine is for Afro/Asiatic Peoples, not a Caucasian Enclave. They are doing to the Palestinians just like their former European Colonial Cousins did to the Natives in the Americas, the Maori in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Zulus in South Africa, and other places

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