Buju Banton says he is no coke-head.

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Buju Banton for the Bahamas
Buju Banton for the Bahamas

When Buju Banton stepped on stage at the national stadium in Jamaica for the first leg of his Long Walk to Freedom tour, it was strictly about the man and his music. The Rasta was not into too much talking but he did take time to set the record straight about a few things.

Only days before the big show Buju Banton’s son, Markus Myrie, aired some dirty laundry about what was happening in their father-son relationship. Along with accusing Buju Banton of assault, the son also referred to the father as a “coke-head” among other things.

During the show Buju took time out to address the audience about the matter.

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“Dem say mi a coke-head. What are they talking about? Buju Banton asked.

Obviously Buju Banton’s son and other detractors were probably referring to the video which was doctored by the FBI and used to convict the Boom bye bye singer on drug charges. In the FBI edited video they made it seem like Buju was tasting cocaine.

Buju Banton made it clear that he was not carrying any ill will for those who set him up or those who chose to believe the evil disciples of Babylon over a true Rasta.

“To those who supported me, and even those who didn’t, just know that this heart carries no hate. The full story has never been told. Respect to those who have kept the music alive. Let’s not fight, that is not how you build champions. I say to you bring it on… Bring it on wholesome, “Buju said before launching into his song, “I wanna be loved”.

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For those who missed their chance to witness the historic moment in the national stadium in Jamaica, they will get their chance in just two weeks when Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom tour will continue in the Bahamas.



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