Buju Banton should be back in prison, according to his son.

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Markus Myrie and Buju Banton
Markus Myrie and Buju Banton

Hotels in Jamaica are all booked to capacity as reggae fans from all over the world flocked to the island to experience the return of the great Buju Banton to the stage.

Tonight is the night when Buju Banton will grace the stage in Jamaica for the first time in ten years after serving a long prison sentence in the United States for drug charges. Not everyone is happy for the Banton and his freedom, however. In fact, his own son, Markus Myrie, wishes the entertainer was back in prison.

“So much drama since December. This man needs to go back to prison and dead in deh,” Marcus posted on Instagram.

The young Myrie even went as far as calling the Boom bye bye singer a battyman, which is one of the ultimate disrespects in Jamaica.

“Parents love respect and can’t understand is a two-way street; but me mada never grow me fi take disrespect. Battyman you cah talk to me any way you wah. Me nah fi itch up round yuh fi nothing, and me nah stretch out me hand to you or depend pan you, and it hurt say you can get fi tek liberty a me don’t? But blessed is the child that has his own Oh and me a press charges,” Marcus continued.

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The word on the street is that Buju Banton punched his son in the face after some heated exchanges and this has been confirmed by the Jamaican police.

“Yes. His son made a report sometime last night. It’s a case of assault as he was punched in the mouth,” the officer told 18 Karat Reggae. “He was sent to doctor.”

According to Markus, he is not the only one of Buju Banton’s children who is not happy about the return of the reggae legend.

“And you know you fucked up when you come from prison and out of your 17 children not even 10 was genuinely happy that “Daddy” is back. Great “artiste” yeah, but write me off a your list pussy,” he wrote.

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Buju Banton is scheduled to perform at his Long Walk to Freedom concert at the National Stadium in Kingston today. His last concert was held on January 16, 2011 to a sold-out crowd in Miami, during his trial in the United States on drug charges.

The Grammy winner, whose given name is Mark Anthony Myrie, served a seven-year sentence in the Georgia McRae Correctional Facility in the United States for cocaine-related charges. He was deported to Jamaica on December 7.

His release was widely anticipated, and sparked speculation among fans and music insiders about his career. Comeback shows are also scheduled for Grenada, The Bahamas, Barbados, and Summerjam Festival in Germany.



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  1. How sad. Any “man” who would assault his own child is no man at all. And SEVENTEEN kids?! Yeah, that just screams ‘I have sex and am such a big man, look at me’. Homophobic a$$hole. Sounds like he’s got a c u m bubble in his throat when he raps anyway.

    Hope his poor kids turned out better than him.

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  1. Buju Banton says he is no coke-head.

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