Homosexuals in Bermuda do not want Buju Banton coming to their country.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Buju Banton was granted permission by Bermuda’s security minister to perform in that country’s National Stadium in August. However, Bermuda’s homosexual community is against the Rasta artist performing in their country.

Bermuda’s gay community claims they are still affected by the song Boom Bye Bye that Buju Banton wrote when he was a mere 15-year-old boy. The song was released in 1992 and called for the killing of homosexuals. Buju has since stopped performing the song and even went as far as pulling it from all platforms that he has control of and also issued an apology for writing such a song.

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This did not stop the gay rights group OutBermuda from calling on Bermuda’s security minister, Wayne Caines, to not grant Buju Banton permission to enter the co, ntry. Mr. Caines denied OutBermuda’s request as he says this is time for healing and moving on.

The promoters of the Buju Banton event have also reached out to OutBermuda and the country’s gay community as a whole to heal the division in the country and encourage peace, love and unity.

“We are calling for island wide harmony for this event and we hope that our patrons come in the spirit of inclusion and love that Buju has made his new mantra,” a spokesman said.

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“Violence, hatred, vengeance, and trauma have thrived in our small island for far too long. It’s time to close the wounds of the past and allow healing to happen. With this in mind, the organizers of Unity Festival Bermuda have opened a dialogue with OutBermuda in hopes that redemption for the trespasses of the past is possible within these shores,” the spokesman concluded.



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