Nothing illegal found in Buju Banton’s hotel room.

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Buju Banton arriving in Trinidad
Buju Banton arriving in Trinidad

Earlier today a barrage of Trinidadian cops swarmed the hotel where Buju Banton is staying with a warrant to search the Rasta artist’s room.

After a little over an hour ransacking Buju Banton’s room, the police decided that there was nothing illegal in the room and left the hotel. Police did divulge why the warrant to search the entertainer’s room was given in the first place but told 18 Karat Reggae that more details would be forthcoming tomorrow.

“right now, we just want to make it absolutely clear that nothing illegal was found in the hotel room of Mr. Mark Myrie who is also known as Buju Banton,” a police officer told 18 Karat Reggae.

During the search an officer outside who wished to remain anonymous since he was not allowed to speak on the matter informed 18 Karat Reggae that the raid was nothing against Buju Banton personally but just a small shakedown since today is 420 and Rastas are known to use a lot of marijuana. 420 is a term for marijuana lovers. April 20 is the day of the year when more marijuana is smoked than any other day in the year.

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Buju Banton released a video to let his fans know that despite the disrespectful treatment from the Trinidadian Government, he is still ready to perform for the people.

“I was chilling in my hotel room and cops came to check me. They got a warrant to check my room and stuff. I’m here in Trinidad for the people with my band. I just want them to know, no matter what, they can’t break us. We see what’s going on. We just want you to see what’s going on, what they’re planning. How can you obtain a search warrant for a hotel room, on a Saturday? Ok! I still have love for you Trinidad; they can’t distract us, that’s why we’re here for you, not them. Peace,” Buju Banton said in the video.

Buju Banton will continue his Long Walk to Freedom tour tomorrow at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

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Buju Banton was released from prison December of last year after serving a 10-year prison sentence on drug charges.



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