Vybz Kartel is the GOAT of Dancehall Reggae.

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Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

You may not like the lyrical content of Vybz Kartel’s songs as it is often times filled with violence and sex; however, it is undeniable that he is the greatest lyricist Jamaica has ever seen.

Not only is Kartel the GOAT but he knows that he is. Which other deejay would dare to release an album on the same day that Buju Banton is releasing his album? Buju is signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation which means that most rappers would stay away from releasing their work on the same day as the Gargamel. Yet Kartel understands his greatness and chose to release his album “Of Dons and Divas” on the same day that Buju Banton is releasing “Upside Down 2020”.

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Kartel fully understands that the lyrically high that he can reach is way above other any other artists, even Buju Banton. The world boss has been running dancehall from behind bars year after year and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

After losing his appeal on a murder conviction many thought that Kartel would go into depression and the world would not get another song from the artiste. However, this Friday the world will witness as he challenges not just Buju Banton but also Reggae Gold 2020 to see who could sell the most music.

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Vybz Kartel has already let the world know that it is his album which will be winning the Reggae Grammy Award. We will all have to wait and see if the GOAT can deliver in that regard.



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