Rob Porter and Donald Trump
2016 US Presidential Campaign

FBI Raids Donald Trump’s lawyer office.

Federal agents on Monday raided the offices of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, who has been under intense public scrutiny for weeks over a $130,000 payment to a porn actress who says she […]

Donald Trump with his personal doctor
2016 US Presidential Campaign

Donald Trumps wants to kill doctors.

President Trump wants to start executing drug dealers. In order to fight the ongoing opioid crisis which kills tens of thousands of Americans annually,Trump has threatened to start actively killing the people providing the drugs. […]

Chronixx, Lorde, Ziggy Marley
2016 US Presidential Campaign

How do you separate the Real from the Fake?

The great Bob Marley once sung; “I can’t tell the woman from the man.” Today those words are still true as transgender and transsexuals have all but destroyed the line between male and female. What […]