Donald Trump with his personal doctor
2016 US Presidential Campaign

Donald Trumps wants to kill doctors.

President Trump wants to start executing drug dealers. In order to fight the ongoing opioid crisis which kills tens of thousands of Americans annually,Trump has threatened to start actively killing the people providing the drugs. […]

Buju Banton and Chronixx
Bob Marley

Have Jamaicans really become so stupid?

Has the country that gave the world Marcus Garvey, Dutty Boukman, Leonard Percival Howell and the Maroons of Jamaica really gotten so dumb over the years? Buju Banton’s first concert after his release from prison […]

Chronixx, Lorde, Ziggy Marley
2016 US Presidential Campaign

How do you separate the Real from the Fake?

The great Bob Marley once sung; “I can’t tell the woman from the man.” Today those words are still true as transgender and transsexuals have all but destroyed the line between male and female. What […]

Dons of Jamaica

Understanding Ghettos and Dons

By: Toraino Beckford Ever wonder why inner city residents demonstrate and protest when the police kill dons and strong men associated with their communities? One of the most straightforward explanations is that the person was […]

Hope Hicks
2016 US Presidential Campaign

Will Hope Hicks join the #MeToo Movement?

With Hope Hick’s resignation from her position as the white house’s communication director, Donald Trump has become more beleaguered than ever. Many are wondering if Trump can survive without his emotional crutch that Hicks had […]

Black Spending Power

13 Things Black people spend the most money on.

African Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually. The importance of the Black spending power cannot be overstated even though it is often taken for granted. Although Blacks make up only 14% of the United Sates population […]