Cannabis Cup

13 Reasons to use Cannabis.

Cannabis has numerous benefits including medicinal uses.  Below are 13 reasons to use Cannabis. 1. You can use cannabis to help you lose weight. Many people with eating disorders use marijuana to help regulate their […]


4 ways to make money from Marijuana.

The Marijuana gold rush is moving full speed ahead and there has never been a better time to make money from the green oil.  Marijuana legalization will create as many millionaires as the internet boom […]

White American Males
donald trump

Not all white American males are evil.

Donald Trump and his bigoted supporters have made it easy to lump all white males living in America as a bunch of racist Islamophobes.  Two brave men made the ultimate sacrifice to prove that is […]

Reasons not to have an abortion.

6 Reasons not to have an abortion.

1. It takes innocent lives. Science could not be more clear. Unborn human beings are living, separate, and unique. From the moment of fertilization – better known as conception – a new human life is […]

Women love marijuana

10 Reasons Why Women Love Marijuana.

Women are big lovers of Marijuana. While statistics have shown that women are less likely to break the law than men, studies have also shown that women love marijuana just as much as men. In […]