Brother of Fabian Lyewsang who committed Murder-Suicide, reveals motive.

The brother of the man who killed his common-law wife, Deon Smith, and her daughter, Jayshenel Gordon, in Rosemount, St James, early Sunday morning says he is in disbelief following the two phone calls he got from his younger sibling one to say he had committed murder and another to say goodbye while taking his own life.

According to Miguel*, whose brother Fabian Lyewsang drove into the Rio Cobre to kill himself, the second call he got was short-lived, as he could hear the water gushing into the submerged vehicle before the call failed.

“A di water inna di background, sound like when a man a drive through flood and di water a splash up, a so mi a hear the water. Mi can distinctly remember the water. Every time mi lay down a it mi a hear,” Miguel said.

He said: “Him say ‘No man, nuh worry unuh self, man. Mi love unuh, take care of unuh self.”

Miguel explained that Lyewsang called him at about 2:21 Sunday morning, shortly after killing the females.

“Me talk to him up to the morning when everything happen. Him tell me weh him do and me drive go Gregory Park Police Station and dem close. Mi knock up the place and nuh hear nobody, and mi go Greater Portmore police,” Miguel added.

Miguel reported that even when he told the police what his brother told him, some officers at the station were in disbelief and somewhat dismissive. Eventually, he said that they took his statement.

He also told THE STAR that Lyewsang said he killed the two females because he was being assaulted.

“A nuh nothing fi do with no jealousy. Him nuh have a problem getting a woman, so if anything a more likely she a kill him if a jealousy. Him tell me say the daughter and mother a beat him up,” Miguel said.

He said that even when his brother confessed to the murders, he was in disbelief but wasn’t taking any chances.

“The way me shock mi just hang up the phone and then mi call him back. Mi say a must dream mi a dream. Right till the end me and him had the conversation,” Miguel said.

Miguel told our news team that Lyewsang committed suicide because he insisted that he was not going back to jail.

“He did some time in prison [for a gun-related offence] long time when he was a youth. When him much younger as a teenager living in the ghetto, you get carried away. Inna him last moment when me a talk to him, him a say him nah go back a jail, so I guess that’s why him go do weh him do. Him a say mi nah go back a jail and me a say: ‘No, if you do something like that me nah bury yuh,’ and him a say: ‘No, mi fi bury him beside his mother’,” Miguel said.

He also noted that he would have turned his brother in to the police if he had come to him.

Not excusing his brother’s actions, Miguel also explained that the couple had issues.

“He told me a few months ago that him and Deon inna little problem, and seh Deon a style him and disrespect him. Him a cry to me and a tell me. Me call Deon same time and she tell me say nothing like that. But you know how it go already when a man live a woman house, sometimes the woman may say a thing and she nuh mean it like she woulda belittle him.



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