Jamaican Activist ~ arrested after posting names of alleged sexual predators!

A revolution is afoot on Jamaican soil! Yes! Yes! Yes! the Tambourine Army is Marching ahead in their quest to demand justice and protection for women on the lovely island. Outside of the sudden rise of Gang violence, there has been a series of kidnapping, Sexual Assaults and even murders of women that has seemingly become the norm.

Latoya Nugent who goes by the name “Stella Gibson” on social media is the co-founder of a new organization {Tambourine Army} that campaigns against gender-based violence in Jamaica has been arrested (for breaching Cybercrimes Act) after posting the names of alleged sexual predators on social media earlier this week.

Jamaica constabulary force communications officer Stephanie Lindsay said Nugent was charged specifically with using a computer for malicious intent.

It should be noted that reports have it that “Nugent’s arrest came just days after she helped organize the country’s first major protest against sexual abuse. Her group, Tambourine Army, has urged survivors of sexual abuse to reveal the name of their attackers”.  It arrest is being perceived as a threat to freedom of speech and have started a GoFundMe campaign for her legal expenses.

Nadeen Spence, co-founder of Tambourine Army, has reportedly said Nugent lost consciousness and experienced five seizures, and that she was denied access to her personal doctor.


In layman-terms,  the charges against Nugent are pertaining to cyber activities that are perceived as being libellous, causing damage to the name and images of the individuals whose names made the list of alleged abusers of young women.

Now, there is something to be said about the right against being wrongfully scandalized BUT the larger question lies with the fact that all law enforcement agencies have discretion. Could they have made attempts to speak to Nugent in efforts to resolve the issue without laying charges and similarly cause harm to the reputation of her? Furthermore, is this a matter of history repeating itself  when it comes to the way the “powers that be” treats civil rights activists? There is none we can think of that hasn’t been persecuted in this way. This is expected.

Finally, Revolutionaries are threats to Social Orders, they challenge mainstream narrative and bear the burden of oppressed communities but they are extremely important for social. It has been the great revolutionary movements that have instigated improvement of the human condition historically.



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