Police Officer Who Murdered Black Man Was Wearing Confederate Flag Under Uniform.

Black man murdered by police
Black man murdered by police

It is a well known fact that police departments throughout the United States have been infiltrated by the KKK, although even most liberals will deny this fact.

Now it turns out that the “police officer” who murdered a Black man was actually wearing a t-shirt depicting the confederate flag under his uniform the same day he committed the murder.

Former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was wearing a T-shirt featuring a Confederate flag under his police uniform at the time he fatally shot Sam DuBose. The shirt was part of the presentation of evidence Friday in the murder trial.

The T-shirt was submitted as evidence during the testimony of Cincinnati police crime scene investigator Jimmy Nghia Duc Pham. Pham testified investigators found a jar containing marijuana within the 1998 Honda Accord DuBose was occupying, three bags of marijuana in the Accord and a “couple” of bags in DuBose’s pockets.

Court took a 10-minute recess following the introduction of evidence gathered by crime scene investigators.

Earlier, a use-of-force expert called by the prosecution testified that Tensing’s decision to reach into DuBose’s vehicle and “knock out” the ignition key “was technically unsound.”



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