Dalton Harris is back in Jamaica but refuses to visit his mother

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Dalton Harris is back on Jamaican soil but the 2018 X Factor winner has not visited his mother even though he has been on the island for more than 10 days and has actually gone to his old neighborhood where his mother lives.

Sylvia Campbell the mother of Dalton Harris claims that Harris passed her on the street and did not even stop to say hello.

“I felt very bad, so bad that I cried. I heard that Dalton was coming on the Wednesday and then on the Saturday somebody came and told me that Dalton was here in the community. I was so nervous and weak when I heard. Anyway, I go out the road and I was out there when the vehicle pass. I know it was him because [they] describe the vehicle to me, a burgundy van. And he just passed me,” Campbell told a Jamaican tabloid.

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Campbell says she has nothing against her son and she hopes whatever it is that he has against her; he will find it in his heart to forgive her so that the healing process can begin.

Since winning the X Factor last year, Dalton Harris has stayed away from Jamaica for his own safety. A picture of him sitting in another man’s lap went viral on the internet and rumors started spreading that the singer was gay, an accusation which Harris vehemently denies. Because of the accusations of him being a homosexual, Harris chose to stay away from the island as Jamaican can be very homophobic at times.

According to Dalton Harris’ brother, Harris did not stop to greet his family while driving through his community because he was afraid of being attacked by homophobic Jamaicans.

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Campbell says she has sent her son a text which he has not responded to as yet but she is hoping that he will respond soon.

Campbell is also sending the following message to Harris:

“I have nothing against you. You are still my belly pain. I still remember the good times that we used to share. The other day when you passed I was so upset and I was still wishing that you would come by and see us. Whenever time you need me to talk to, I am ready.”

Dalton Harris will be joining Buju Banton at Reggae Sumfest 2019 which takes place in Jamaica this summer.



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