Dalton Harris is number one on the UK chart.

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Dalton Harris
Dalton Harris

Jamaican Dalton Harris is the king of the United Kingdom. Just weeks after winning the X Factor, the singer’s cover of Power of Love is the top song on the Official Vodafone big Top 40 chart.

Dalton Harris should be leaving the UK and heading back to Jamaica soon.

Dalton Harris is expected to get a hero’s welcome much like the one that was given to Buju Banton after the deejay was released from a United States prison where he was serving a ten year sentence on drug charges.

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Fans should not be surprised if Dalton does a collaboration with Buju Banton as both artistes share the same manager and are both in hot demand right now.

The 24-year-old Dalton will also be going on the X Factor tour soon and will also start recording his album



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  1. Jamaicans should embrace Dalton Harris.

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