18 Karat Reggae brings back “SAVAGE, AVERAGE or GARBAGE” series.

Kelissa and Keznamdi
The roots reggae artist are part of the reggae revival

To help artists, not only from reggae and dancehall, get noticed, 18 Karat Reggae will start doing their “Savage, Average or Garbage” series again.

18 Karat Reggae is returning the popular “Savage, Average or Garbage” series to their Facebook page. The series was a way for fans to voice their opinions about new music by giving it one of three ratings.

A savage rating meant the song was excellent and bound for greatness. Average meant the song was alright but nothing special. Garbage meant the song was horrible and not ready for prime time.

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Artists, producers and promoters would submit their videos (no still photo videos) to 18 Karat Reggae who would in turn upload it to their page.

The series was stopped because too many artists were asking for their videos to be taken down whenever fans thought it was garbage. Once the series is restarted, no videos will be taken down, regardless of what the fans think of the music. The series will be once a week, either on a Wednesday or a Friday.

While 18 Karat Reggae specializes in reggae / dancehall music and that is primarily the genre they promote, they will also feature other genres in the “SAVAGE, AVERAGE or GARBAGE” segment.

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Promoters, Producers and artists; see examples below of videos that were in the series and the kind of feedback you will get before submitting your video. As mentioned, no video will be removed regardless of what the fans say, so if you cannot handle hard criticisms, please don’t submit your video.



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