If 18 Karat Reggae makes you angry, 24 Karat Reggae is just for you.

18 Karat Reggae is more than reggae. 24 Karat Reggae is nothing but reggae, 100% pure reggae
18 Karat Reggae is more than reggae. 24 Karat Reggae is nothing but reggae, 100% pure reggae

On 18 Karat Reggae, we talk about everything that is happening in reggae and more. Many of our followers have issues with us talking about things that are not reggae related, such as our discussions around celebrities like Serena Williams. Other followers also have issues with us covering certain topics that might cast reggae stars in a bad light, such as Bunny Wailer writing a letter to the Government of Ghana accusing Rita Marley and Chris Blackwell of killing Bob Marley.

18 Karat Reggae will not change the way we post or the topics we post about. We have, however, created a 24 Karat Reggae Page and 24karatreggae.com for people who only want to hear about reggae and most importantly positive things about reggae.

24 Karat Reggae is pure reggae and nothing but reggae. If Michael Jackson or Prince should rise from the dead and die again, 24 Karat Reggae will not post about it because it is not reggae related.

The goal of 24 Karat Reggae is to keep every reggae fan happy and pleased every time they visit the page or the website.

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Vybz Kartel might be a convicted murderer but over at 24 Karat Reggae, we know he was setup by the system, Gaza fans will love it over there. 24 Karat Reggae also knows that it was not Buju Banton in the video tasting the coke. The FBI and / or CIA got some other Rasta that looks just like Buju to play that part on the video.

So what if Ziggy Marley supports apartheid Israel? Those Palestinians deserve just what they are getting and we give Ziggy maximum respect at 24 Karat Reggae. We don’t care what Bunny Wailer or Freddie McGregor wants to say, Ziggy deserves the 777 Reggae Grammy awards as he is the greatest reggae artist since Bob.

On 24 Karat Reggae, dancehall is not leading the young people astray with violence and excessive sex, the genre is just educating and entertaining the children.

So what if the Barrett Brothers did not get paid fairly for playing on every song on every album that Bob Marley released? Those brothers should be grateful just for being able to share the stage with the inventor of the Rasta movement, Bob Marley. At least that is the way we see it on 24 Karat Reggae.

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On 24 Karat Reggae we big up Alkaline for bleaching his skin. Who wants to remain “black and ugly” when light skin beauty is just some skin bleaching cream away? Come on over vendetta fans, we will never post anything that will piss you off.

So all who see life as it is and are not afraid of reality; stay with 18 Karat Reggae. For everyone else, like the 24 Karat Reggae page and visit the website daily.

At 24 Karat Reggae, everything is reggae and everything we post will make you feel great inside. Oh, and we will never say something as silly as “Sizzla is a greater songwriter than Bob Marley”.

Love is hate
War is peace
No means yes
And we are all FREE



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