7 Reasons you can’t blame Ishawna.


Female dancehall star, Ishawna, has been getting flak left and right for her disrespectful remarks against one of Jamaica’s favorite culture icon, Louise “Miss Lou” Bennet.

18 Karat Reggae has 7 reasons why Jamaicans should forgive Ishawna even if she does not ask for forgiveness.

1. Vybz Kartel disrespected God and he is still Jamaica’s favorite deejay.  When it comes to deserving respect Miss Lou is on one of the highest of levels but God is the level about that.

2. Although Ishawna was born in Kingston, Jamaica she migrated to New York at a very young age so she is not immersed and educated about real Jamaican culture. In other words, she is a Yankee gal who does not know any better.

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3. Producer Russian disrespected the great Marcus Garvey and nobody said a thing about it.  If a white boy can disrespect one of the greatest Black leaders ever, why pressure a little Yankee girl who did not know better.

4. If she can get away with telling Jamaican men to eat pumpum, of course she thinks she can get away with anything. Just keep a close watch on her so she does not shoot anyone in the middle of Halfway Tree in the middle of the day.

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5. She often sports a blond wig and was only trying to trick people into believing she is a real blond. (Slow people won’t get that one).

6. Blame Foota Hype and Skatta Burrell instead.  If they had disciplined her right she would have had a better understanding of herself and Jamaican culture.

7. All publicity is good publicity.




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