A Marley showing love to a non-Marley; it’s a beautiful thing.

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Ziggy Marley showing love to Steel Pulse
Ziggy Marley showing love to Steel Pulse

Earlier this year, the Bob Marley Facebook profile, shared Cody Simpson’s cover of “No Woman no cry” to their 74 million followers, which was shocking as the Marleys normally only share music from other Marleys. At the time, someone asked why they had no problem sharing a song by an Australian singer, while the profile had never showed any love to the reggae talents coming out of Jamaica. The conclusion was reached that they probably only shared it because of the royalties they stand to gain from Cody Simpson covering the song. In other words, the Marleys were only about making money for the Marleys.

So it was very shocking and at the same time heart-warming to see Ziggy Marley showing love to fellow Rasta Reggae band, Steel Pulse and their upcoming DreadTown project. Ziggy posted a photo promoting DreadTown with the quote:
Everybody loves Steel Pulse. Always relevant, never forgotten.

This might seems like nothing major but it is really a big deal. It is a Rasta showing love to another Rasta, though they are not blood relatives. It is a reggae artist placed on a higher level by society, reaching down to pull his brother up. That is the way it should be and that is what Rasta is all about.

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Big kudos to Ziggy Marley and hopefully the people behind the Bob Marley profile will do similar acts in the future.
Imagine if once or even twice a year the Facebook profile would post something like this: “There is a very talented reggae artist by the name of Chronixx that we think you should listen to.”

That would be a great strength for Chronixx. Then as Chronixx fan base grow from such an endorsement, he could in turn pass on the same love to Protoje, Kabala Pyramid and Jesse Royal. Then they in return could pass on the love and keep it going on and on. Reggae would rise to where it really belongs.

While the entire music business has been suffering from plunging sales, reggae music has taken it the hardest. Some have even gone as far as asking if the genre is dying or dead. The fact is reggae is loaded with talent and these talents just need the spotlight to be shone on them.

Every day I hear very talented artists like Mr. Bertus, Jah Fenixx, Sagitarr, Tasha Trendy, C-Ductive, Boom Viniyard, Jango Fresh and many more. These artists have the talent to take reggae to heights it has never been before, but they need help getting their music to the masses. There is no one or anything in a better position to help than the Marleys. In fact, if reggae needs saving, the only ones that could save it are the Marleys.

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By no means should the Bob Marley Facebook profile become a billboard for other reggae acts or reggae related productions and events. At the same time, when you have 74 million followers, you should do more than just exploit them with Marley coffee, Marley Naturals, Marley clothing and Marley headphones. If all your posts centers on trying to make a profit, then you are just doing the work of Babylon, even if you do so under the guise of Rasta.

If, however, every now and then, you take a little timeout and do something like Ziggy Marley did for Steel Pulse, then you are being a true Rasta. Let’s aim to be less like the Babylonians and more like Rastas.

“If you up, look down from above; help the weak if you are strong” – Bob Marley



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