Alkaline wins dancehall song of the year, or did he?


Reggae dancehall artist, Alkaline, has won dancehall song of the year, well sort of. On Fleek by Alkaline was named Dancehall Song of The Year at the recent Hapilos 21st Awards show.

The award should not be called “Song of the year” as only songs that were digitally distributed by Hapilos 21st are considered for the award. So VP Records or Zojak could start giving out their own awards and we could get three songs of the year. Heck, Beenie Man could start his own award show and give his top song the “song of the year award.

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Here is an idea reggae and dancehall distributors. How about the three major distributors of the genre; Zojak, VP Records and Hapilos 21st come together and create a meaningful award show that could benefit the music? An award show like that would be taken way more seriously.

Imagine Vybz Kartel sitting and wondering why he didn’t win song of the year only to be told that it is because he used Zojak for distribution as oppose to 21st Hapilos. If the great Beres Hammond wants to win song of the year, he better leave VP and get with the program.

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Come on distributors, unite for the betterment of the music. What you are doing now is a joke.



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