Beenie Man is Right: Lady Saw is the Queen not Spice.

Before we even get into it, let’s make it clear that, 18 Karat Reggae, at this moment, acknowledges Spice is most likely to take that crown “Queen of Dancehall Crown”.

Spice’s fan are going for the self-proclaimed King of Dancehall’s neck after telling Windford Williams that Spice is not the Queen of Dancehall just yet. Note, he never stated Spice is not a great artist or that she can’t be the queen, yet folks are angry. Some are pointing to the fact that Beenie Crowned himself and eventually grew into the King of Dancehall shoe. There are also claims that he has beef with Spice from before.

All that is irrelevant to the narrative however. Serious music/dancehall bloggers and industry folks understands exactly what he’s saying, whether he has beef with spice or not. Queendom is not a joke, it’s  not about Instagram photos and posing with hip hop celebrities. It’s about that longevity, grassroots work, global presence, recognition and accomplishments. Beenie Man made a fair assessment without disrespecting Spice (See video below).

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Spice responded in part with the following statement: First she called Beenie Man a hater just because she thinks that Vybz Kartel is the king of dancehall. “D Rasta man [Beenie Man] vex true mi say a Kartel a the king a dancehall,” Spice said. “Smh Veterans want to be praised for paving the way but still never want to let go or embrace the New artiste. You crowned yourself king when yellow man was really the king and then over the years you were found fit after repeatedly self proclaiming it.”

So based on Spice’s logics about Beenie Man crowning himself king when Yellow Man Was the king, she’s essentially agreeing with its Beenie Man that Lady Saw is the Reigning Queen since she’s alive, we’ll and relevant right?

We are not taking sides. One thing is clear, Spice is on the rise but she did it with Instagram,  Snap Chat, FB and Twitter. This era with social media gave her a quick boost & reach; allows her to post real time pictures and videos of her shows, appearances etc.

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Lady Saw was the last female to headline the biggest Dancehall show on the planet! She did it without all that easy access to media and exposure, she reigned for decades, sold millions of records & she has to date accomplished a lot more .. we ought to stop discarding of those who has made tremendous contributions to our art forms. We only big up veterans when they are gone because we tend to have amnesia when something flashy shows up. We don’t value #Roots!

One more thing, Lady Saw left the scene on a high. Spice has never had a pair of “Heels On” but there’s no doubt she will. When she has walked a mile in Lady Saw’s shoes, we too will Crown her Queen!



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