Beyoncé asked Jay Z to wear a Sean Paul mask.

Sean Paul and Beyonce
Sean Paul and Beyonce

It turns out that Jay Z had good reason why he did not want his wife Beyonce to perform or shoot any music videos with dancehall reggae star, Sean Paul.

How feeble and fragile is the mind of a man? Hip-Hop and Reggae Dancehall fans surely remember the big hit song “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé and featuring reggae star Sean Paul. They should also remember that in the video for the song, Sean Paul and Beyoncé were filmed separately. Then there was the much talked about MTV Awards performance where Beyoncé performed the song alone and Sean Paul had to sit in the audience and watch. There was a rumor swirling around back then, that it was Jay Z who demanded that Sean Paul not be allowed to perform with his wife in the video or at the VMAs.

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More than ten years later and we are now finding out that it was not a rumor but a fact that Jay Z prevented Sean Paul from performing with Beyoncé. According to source close to the Jay Z and Beyoncé circle it all started as a joke by Beyoncé which was taken too seriously by Jay Z.

The couple were said to be at a dinner with friends a few weeks before Halloween and Halloween costumes were being discussed. A friend at the party suggested that Jay Z being a rapper maybe should attend the upcoming Halloween party as a dancehall reggae artist. Beyoncé immediately agreed and said with excitement, “yes baby, get a Sean Paul mask and go as him,” said the source close to the couple’s circle.

The source says that Jay Z mouth opened wide with astonishment after Beyoncé’s comment. Jay Z took Beyonce’s comment to mean that Beyonce was fantasizing about Sean Paul and wanted to use Jay Z to help her play out her fantasy. “It is like it was no longer just about Halloween and a Halloween costume. He did not speak after that and needless to say the dinner ended prematurely,” said the source.

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This incident occurred after “Baby Boy” was recorded but before the video and the MTV Video Awards performance. According to the source, this incident was the root cause of why Sean Paul could not be around Beyoncé.
Yes, the mind of a man can be very feeble and fragile when it comes to his woman. A man can’t stand the idea of his wife thinking about another man.



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