Beyonce is beautiful; just not perfect.


So who is responsible for leaking all the unretouched photos of these celebrities? First it was Cindy Crawford and now it is Beyonce. If the leaks are being done in an attempt to embarrass the celebrities, it is not working. The only thing is it doing is proving that celebrities have flaws just like regular human beings.

Before today, most people might have never known that Beyonce has an acne problem, but isn’t acne common to most if not all women? What I can’t understand is why women cover their acne with a ton of makeup. Wont makeup make the problem worse? Your skin need to breathe ladies.

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Looking at the leaked photos, I really don’t see Beyonce as being any less beautiful than I thought she was before. Way too much makeup for my liking but beautiful nonetheless, acne and all.


Remove that weave, get rid of all that makeup and Beyonce would still be a beauty queen in my book.

What do you think?



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