Bob Marley more than love peace and weed according to Ziggy Marley.

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

Ziggy Marley seems to agree with 18 Karat Reggae on the post we did not too long ago about Bob Marley and the fact that he would support all the protestors from Baltimore to Tel Aviv. See:

In a recent interview, Ziggy Marley had the following to say about his father,Bob Marley:

Bob Marley was a revolutionary. He was a person who wanted social justice in a real sense, in a real physical sense. There’s a lot more to it than the whole, ‘Bob Marley, love and peace and smoke weed.’ That’s not it at all. No. It’s deep! It’s all right for some people to pass it off as that. But it’s much deeper. And the message is always relevant. ‘Get up, stand up for your rights?’ ‘One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel all right?’ It’s all still very relevant.

Bob Marley’s family is working to bring marijuana into the mainstream. In November 2014, the Marley family joined a private equity firm to launch the first global consumer marijuana brand.

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“Creative inspiration was everything for my father, it was like breathing or life to him,” Marley’s daughter Cedella told 18 KaratReggae in an interview about the brand. “Every time he smoked, he was inspired and an open mind was the open door for his creative inspiration. He thought the herb was actually a gift.”

One quote from Bob Marley sums up the problem the musician had with political opposition to marijuana.

“Herb, herb is a plant. I mean herbs are good for everything. Why, why these people who want to do so much good for everyone, who call themselves governments and this and that. Why them say you must not use the herb?” Marley said.

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“Them just say, ‘no, you mustn’t use it, you mustn’t use it because it will make you rebel.’ Against what?” he added.



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