Bob Marley’s rejected son says he is making it on his own.

Fabian Marley
Fabian Marley

The man who claims he is the first son of reggae legend Bob Marley says he is doing great for himself despite not getting the support of his famous siblings. Fabian Marley claims he is the first son of Bob Marley. This has not gone down well with the Marleys and they have outright rejected Fabian’s claim.

Fabian says his other told him Bob Marley was his father but Rita Marley did not want Bob to have anything to do with the boy as a child. While Bob Marley accepted Rita’s first child to the point of even adopting her, Rita did not return the favor.

Fabian’s claim does sound strange. It is difficult to believe that a woman knowing the success Bob was having when Fabian was a child, did not take him to court.

Anyway, all that aside, Fabian wants the world to know that his music career his fledgling despite the Marley’s rejection.

Fabian Marley is scheduled to leave for France tomorrow on a promotional campaign for songs he did with producer Clive Hunt and Massive B Entertainment out of New York. The roots-reggae songs, Through the Fire and Nah Sey wi Poor, were recently released.

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Hunt, whose resume includes work with The Abyssinians, Jimmy Cliff, Mystic Revealers, Etana and French singer Pierpoljak, said he knew nothing of the diminutive Marley when Clayton Thomas, head of of Massive B Entertainment, approached him to produce the songs.

“I didn’t know anything about Fabian, I was just asked to produce a reggae artiste and I decided to work with him based on his merit,” Hunt told 18 Karat Reggae.

Bass players Ian Hoilette and Danny ‘Axeman’ Thompson; guitarist Wayne Armond, drummers Kirk Bennett and Wayne ‘C Sharp’ Clarke and keyboardist Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul played on the sessions at Mixing Lab studio in Kingston.

Another session involving bass player Errol ‘Flabba Holt’ Carter of Roots Radics fame yielded the song, Jah Will Show us The Way.

Thomas is originally from St Kitts. He told 18 Karat Reggae that he has been in the music business since the mid-1990s when he ‘rolled’ with producer Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell of Xterminator Records.

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He said he heard of Marley through music industry links in upstate New York where he lives. He is also familiar with the singer’s drive to be acknowledged as reggae legend Bob Marley’s child, a claim contested by the Marley family.

“I don’t want to get into the family ties. Fabian was told by his mother that his father is Robert Nesta Marley; I’m not going against that or what the Marleys say. I’m here to push Fabian’s music,” he said.

Thomas said his initial productions were with soca acts in his homeland. Since moving to New York in 1994, he became associated with a number of Jamaican music industry heavyweights including Burrell.

Thomas said several Jamaican artistes have recorded for Massive B Entertainment including Luciano and Mikey General who were once signed to Xterminator. Warrior King, Ras Shiloh and Sasha have also done songs for the label.

Marley is scheduled to make promotional appearances in Paris for the next week.



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