Bobby Brown is denying that family has gather to say final goodbyes to Bobbi Kristina Bown.

Bobby Brown
Bobbi Kristina & Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown has denied reports that family is saying last goodbyes to Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobbi is still on life support but at one point she opened and closed her eyes. Although doctors have said it does not look good, the family continues to hope and pray.

Bobby Krisitna Brown, the daughter of the late pop and R&B legend is clinging to life and doctors have told the family, “it is not looking good.” Although she is breathing on her own, she is currently in an induced coma with limited brain functions.

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Bobby Kristina was found faced down and unresponsive in a bathtub on Saturday, just a few years after her mother, Whitney Huston did in a similar manner.

Bobby Kristina is currently on a ventilator with her father Bobby Brown by her side. Let’s all hope and pray that the young lady will pull through.



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