Buju Banton appeal denied.

Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Buju Banton was dealt a severe setback when his appeal for a new trial was denied. With this decision handed down in a Florida court, Buju Banton will have to continue serving his ten year sentence. The Grammy Award winning reggae star was originally charged, convicted and sentenced on conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The Florida court says it has no jurisdiction under the current state of the law. Reggae fans continue to hope that somehow, someway the artist can get an early release. Without an early release, Buju Banton would not leave prison until 2019.



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  1. To what have read he has no rejection for an early decision but it all depends on his performance in jail he do not needed to file for a retrial of that crime what he needed now is to proof that he was not known of any things that was jail for but to what I have known it is people who don’t wanted him out

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