Chris Brown and Soulja Boy will fight in Dubai.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy

Chris Brown and Soulja boy are putting down the guns and taking up the gloves, according to 50 Cent. The two rappers who have been in a long feud will duke it out in the ring this coming March.

The only problem is, they cannot fight in Las Vegas. The reason is anyone who fights in Las Vegas must take a drug test which includes testing for marijuana. Let’s just say, neither of the two can put down the weed long enough to pass a drug test.

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Soulja Boy promises to know out Chris Brown in order to give Rihanna justice.

so the fight will take place in Dubai as TMZ has reported. For fans in the United States that cannot afford a trip to Dubai, they will just have to watch it on Pay-Per-View.



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