Chronixx and Jesse Royal shows how love and unity can uplift Reggae.

Chronixx and Jesse Royal
Chronixx and Jesse Royal

While performing on the Jimmy Fallon’ tonight show earlier this year, Chronixx spontaneously shows love to Jesse Royal by doing a rending of Jesse Royal’s song “Modern Day Judas”. As a result, Royal saw a big spike in sales for the song as a surge in youtube views of the video for the song. Since Chronixx performed the song it has racked up over one million views.

Jesse Royal has nothing but love and appreciation for Chronix and believe that this is the type of unity the business needs. While some reggae fans have issues whenever other reggae artists perform their music, Jesse Royal embraces the idea.

It is not for you alone, and one hand wash the other. As the new set of youth, we know that there is a bigger picture, and it’s not for one man. If every man is for themselves, then how can we truly provide wealth? It was never planned and I didn’t expect it, but unity is our driving force, and that is what is carrying us. When I am in Europe, I always put Here Comes Trouble and Reverence in my set, and who knows us, knows that’s how we do it. Whereever the vibes take us, that’s what we sing because this is our thing, yu nuh?. I got some more views and some more sales with that endorsement from Chronixx, and whatever the youths do in unity, you will have a good result.

Both Jesse Royal and Chronixx along with other artists like Protoge, Mr. Bertus and Boom Viniyard have been a part of the reggae revival music.

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Jesse Royal will be performing on the east coast of the United States in the coming weeks. The artiste is also booked for Marley fest.



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