Dancehall Reggae Artist, Slash.

Dancehall Reggae Artist Slash
Dancehall Reggae Artist Slash

Upcoming Reggae/ Dancehall powerhouse artiste Dwayne “Slash” Knight was born on March 19th, 1982. He grew up in the dynamic and heavily populated community of Portmore, just outside of Kingston Jamaica. A community that nurtured his talents at local events, and the first audience to crown Slash a homegrown celebrity.

Slash grew up in a big family of seven siblings, mother Sheila Thyme and father, Stephen Knight. He was especially close to his older brother, Terrence Knight; who shared Slash’s love for music. Terrence encouraged Slash to nurture his talents and work toward his goal of becoming a musician. Slash got an inkling to his star power when he grew small crowds by banging on desks tops and DJ-ing to his schoolmates; including Dancehall super power DeMarco, at Bridgeport High School. Coupled with his undeniably charming personality, Slash won the admiration of both teachers and classmates alike.

Slash was officially introduced to Dancehall Music by watching performances by popular singers, such as, Michael Buckley, who also lived in the Portmore community. Michael would play his sound system and belt out his original tracks and a few covers. Occasionally Slash was given a chance at the microphone to showcase his aptitudes and mature his craft.

As early as age fourteen, Slash made a move to intensify his commitment to music, by beginning to pen his own lyrics. His first song was a counteraction to a popular Dancehall artiste Red Rat’s song: Mi Woulda Shame.
Slash further sharpened his abilities by frequenting the local party and dancehall scenes, particularly the famous Cactus Night Club, where he promptly became a crowd favorite. This immense support encouraged him to form his own group called ‘Cell Block’.

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On April 10, 2002 his brother Terrence died at age 20, leaving Slash with the tragedy that would deepen his will to pursue music. Slash is determined to use Terrence’s death as the impetus behind his career, since his brother had believed that he was already a star.

With the assistance of Producer Ray Stephens of the Dog House Production Label (now Vertex Records), Slash recorded two collaborations with Vybz Kartel, which saw the Dj enjoying heavy rotation on local cable networks. Kartel, quickly acknowledged Slash’s unmistakable talent and encouraged him to join his label: ‘Adijahiem’ Records. This move heralded the release of the collaboration Badman Nuh Bow.

Slash later recorded tracks on the CD mix called “Art Of War” which featured some of Dancehall’s greats: Cobra, Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, and Aidonia. Among artists like Bounty Killer, Lady Saw and Gregory Isaacs, Slash was featured on the documentary “Made in Jamaica”, written and directed by Jerome Laperrousaz and presented in many international film festivals between 2006 and 2009. Slash has since received good rotation on the airwaves with original songs such as Poor People, The Truth, and the popular hit, War and Crime (West Side rhythm.) His latest releases include Real Gallis Anthem (Yard Rock rhythm), You Look Good (4.5 rhythm) and Whine Up Yuh Body (Pro Style rhythm).

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The breakthrough artiste has graced the stages of several high profile shows such as, West Kingston Jamboree, Portmore Unplugged and Fully Loaded. He also has toured Trinidad, Barbados, St. Martin and upcoming tour of Europe set for 2015.

2015 is definitely going to showcase Slash new artistic commitment. As a matter of fact the Portmore artist has already released the new video “Better JA”, produced by Tom Hype for the Germaica Austria label, and is now working on new collaborations for his upcoming mixtape, which is going to present new tunes alongside veteran DJ Terror Fabulous, Elephantman, I-wayne and dancehall artists DeMarco.

Today, Slash considers his music transcendent of all genres. He can command any rhythm- Dancehall, Calypso, Hip Hop, Reggae and even Pop. He prides himself as an emerging international force in music.

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