Dear Shenseea.

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Dear Shenseea,

Thank you so much for shouting out to your 5.4 million Instagram followers, it is appreciated. However, it would have been even more appreciated if you did not include all those insults in your story.

Why would you say that you hope we go to hell? If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah but did not put you in hell for using your exit as an entrance, then why should he put us in hell for an April Fool’s prank? Is an April Fool’s joke that you were carrying Drake’s baby really hell worthy? If you openly admit that you use your butt for what it is not meant for, then is us saying that you were ashamed to use it for what it was meant for a reason for us to go to hell?

Surely you must be intelligent enough to notice that we did the “Shenseea is pregnant for Drake” story on April 1st, 2021, and this year we did your trapped farts story on April 1st again. See the pattern? They are meant to be April Fool’s jokes just like the prior All Fools Days when we did stores like “Rihanna starts her own marijuana company called MaRihanna”, “Vybz Kartel accepts Jesus Christ and will be baptized” and “Beyonce asked Jay Z to wear a Sean Paul mask for Halloween”.

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You said you spoke to your legal team and was advised that there is nothing you could do about the Drake story, that’s a lie. When we did the MaRihanna story her legal team sent us a cease-and-desist letter. We explained to them that it was meant as an April Fool’s prank and they responded that if that is the case then it should not be on the site the following day (April 2nd), so at 11:59PM on April 1st we removed the article. So, if you really had an issue and wanted the article taken down you could have done the same, but you understand the cliché “all publicity is good publicity” and you wring every ounce of publicity that you could from it. In fact, you stayed off you Instagram for a month so the fake story could run its course without you having to address it. All of Drake fans wanted to know who this Shenseea is, and you loved that.

With the trapped farts story, you would have let it run its course if we had named a rapper that his fanbase would get curious to know you. We could have used Kanye but you are featured on Donda so his fans already know you. We thought of using Jay Z but the fact that there was no news that Beyonce has ripped your wig off would make it too easy for people to figure out it was just a prank. Since you posed half naked in bed with another half-naked woman, we could have said the date was with Doja Cat or Saweetie but maybe next April 1st we will be more creative.

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So, the bottom line is, we are thankful for the shoutouts but found the insults unnecessary. Your mention of hell means you are a believer in the bible. In the bible all sins are equal, so telling a lie in an April Fool’s pranks is equal to your sodomy, therefore if we go to hell, you will be right there with us.

Yours Truly,
18 Karat Reggae



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