Dennis Brown awarded Bob Marley’s One Love Trophy.

The king of Reggae and the Prince of Reggae
Dennis Brown & Bob Marley

Naming a One Love award or trophy in Bob Marley’s name instead of the moniker’s creator, Marcus Garvey, shows the stupidity of some Black people, especially Jamaicans. Of course Bob Marley took the saying to a wider audience but that does not mean you steal it from the creator. If Jamaica, or any where else for that matter, is giving a One Love award, it should be in Marcus Garvey’s name.

This year One Love award recipients are Dennis Brown and The Mighty Diamonds, they are very deserving of this award but it would be more authentic if it was the Marcus Garvey One Love award.

Taking Marcus Garvey’s credit away from him is absolutely no different than taking away the credit from Africans who built the pyramids in Egypt. It is almost like Blacks and especially Jamaicans are living their lives to please and appease white people. The people who came up with the One love trophy probably sat in a room saying, “We know Marcus Garvey created one love, but white people and other races prefer it when Bob Marley sang it, so let’s roll with Marley.” That’s how easy we kill our root. Why? Because in the world’s eyes, the leaves and branches are more beautiful that the root and Blacks love looking beautiful in their oppressors eyes.

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This is not to take anything away from the great Bob Marley but we should not be so quick to take away from the great Marcus Garvey either.

As Burning Spear sang, “no one remember old Marcus Garvey”, so too, many people want us to forget about his creativity. The words of Marcus Garvey will live forever, regardless of who try to take his credit.

“With God’s greatest blessings, I leave you for a while…. ONE LOVE” – Marcus Garvey.



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