Did Buju Banton get a free pass from Reggae fans?

Buju Banton
Buju Banton

You should not trust Babylon or Babylon’s justice system for a minute or a second.  In Babylon, a grown man can chase down an unarmed child, murder him in cold blood and walk free.  In Babylon, a police whose job is to serve and protect can shoot an unarmed man multiple times and don’t even have to stand trial.  So when Babylon’s system find Buju Banton guilty of conspiracy to deal narcotics, the Babylon justice (just ice) meant nothing to me, nothing at all.

What about the tasting of the coke though?  That is on video.  Now that does not mean he had any intentions of dealing narcotics.  Maybe he was just trying to impress the man who brought him to the warehouse or maybe he was just curious how it tastes.  My point is though, why reggae fans never question or say anything about that?  Rastas are not into coke, Rastas are more in line with Bounty Killer’s lyrics where he says, “the crack and the coke all those things must abolish, Peter Tosh bun chalice in Buckingham palace.”   Yet there was no condemnation of the coke smoking act.

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I think we can continue to love our heroes even as we despise some of their actions.  You can love Vybz Kartel and despise skin bleaching.  You can love Sizzla and despise alcohol drinking.  Likewise, you can love Buju Banton and despise coke tasting.
So while we stand by our general Gargamel, be not afraid to say, “Buju we love you but tasting the coke was wrong.”



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