Dizzle Ja La-Fam Genaral is on Fire.

Dizzle Ja
Dizzle Ja

Bertony Dizzle JA Reynolds has been bless with the talent to perform, write and record music as it was an in born talent from the creator him self.Dizzle ja strongly believe in his motto work hard never give up n you will achieve your goal.

Born in St.Marry of Jamaica the home of Reggae icon Bob Marley, Dizzle ja and his mom move to the beautiful parish of St.Thomas at the age of one year old where the talented child start to showcase his talent as a performer as he would dance the legendary Michael Jackson songs for his mom and her friends for money.

The la-fam genaral as his friends call him attended the Yallahs Basic School were he was awarded runner up boy for his performance in his school eduction,Dizzle ja then when on to Yallahs Primary School and was very active in sports such as Soccer,Track and Field ,Cricket etc.

In is childhood days you would see him singing at school concerts and in the class rooms for his peers.

High School days at Morant Bay High School that’s when he had the thought of being a Entertainer.

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The molding of a great star started when Dizzle ja and his friends formed a group call U.W.K they would perform at the School major concerts and class party’s they even had a huge Pool Party every summer and winter.

Unfortunately his friends left the group after they did some recording, they weren’t really interested to be reggae superstars, so dizzle had to put music on pause and went to work but the music kept calling him.

In 2007 Dizzle ja form a record label called La-Fam Entertainment JA which consist of artist, Djs, dancers tec.

Dizzle JA learn the music busniess by hand as he is also a successful promoter working with a lot of major dancehall and reggae artist and have a lot of experience as he was Award twice for the prestigious Pool Party Sundays event, Dizzle ja is now located in Hollywood California were he has been recording and promoting is music and also getting into the movie industry,he has been featured in multiple movies and sound track.

La-Fam Gena-ral has teamed up with his label La-Fam Entertainment JA and Major Hip-Hop music label Financhill Records for couple projects to come.

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Dizzle Ja has release couple albums worldwide MONEY MOVE and his latest project called Dancehall Meets Trap on iTunes,

Major events he has performed at are, Sting the greatest one night show, Kingston jamboree and he also perform in the USA on his promotional tour.

The latest project from the dancehall star consists of a dancehall vibes mix with trap music and reggae, this has never yet been done in the music fraternity.

Playing the album you will find a uptempo vibes going from the start with tracks like Off Top / Vybz kartel, the party continues with songs such as One cheek 2 Cheek for the ladies, Frequency, Well Bad and a lot more Hits.

This album Dancehall Meets Trap is definitely going down in the books as a classic it’s a must have to your catalog.

You can google Dizzle ja for more info and update and keep up to date with this rising star.

For booking contact – (516) 234-8438 / 1876-4174867 / 1876-288-6505
email lafamdizzle@yahoo.com / dizzlelafam@yahoo.com/lengel99@gmail.com.
Facebook/dizzleja Twitter/dizzleja Instergram/dizzleja Soundcloud/dizzleja YouTube/dizzle ja



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