Dr. Dre tore up prenup after marriage so wife entitled to half his $800 million fortune.

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Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young
Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, is admitting that she did sign a prenuptial agreement back in 1996 before marrying the rapper, however, she claims the signing was under pressure and Dre later tore up the agreement to profess his love for her. As a result she is claiming that she is entitled to half of the rapper / producer huge $800 million fortune.

Before marrying Dr. Dre, Nicole Young was married to NBA player Sedale Threatt and walked away from that marriage with half of the athlete’s wealth.

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Young said she and Dre should split all assets, including any cash and real estate. That would leave her with around $400M.

Dr Dre earned most of his $800M fortune from his successful headphone line, Beats By Dr Dre, which Apple acquired for $3B in 2014.

In her declaration she said: ‘I must sign a premarital agreement or he would not marry me. I was extremely, reduction, resistant, and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner.’ And she said she was ‘left with no option but to sign it “unwillingly.”‘

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Nicole added that two or three years after they wed, he tore up the original prenup in front of her.

According to the documents, she said Dre ‘destroyed the agreements as a grand gesture of his love for Nicole and his desire to have a marriage free of any financial restrictions governing their respective rights and responsibilities.’



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