Drake dumps Serena Williams for Lorde.

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Lorde and Drake
Lorde and Drake

It seems like drake just can’t keep his thing in his pants and is trying to run through as many female celebrities as possible.

I guess we can now call him the hit and run man. Just last week he was with Serena Williams, even costing her the U.S. Open after a night of wild lovemaking before her semi-final match. This week, however, Drake is with a brand new “wifey” and it is none other than Lorde.

Maybe the “I love my women BBW” line from Drake is no longer true. Maybe that line was never true, as Drake was rumored to be with Rihanna and she is not really a “BBW”, just a “BW”.

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Well, the greatest female tennis player ever will have a lot on her hand before the 2016 season. Last week Nicki Minaj was sending Serena messages that Drake is only with Serena because Nicki was unavailable. This week, Drake is sending message to the world that Lorde is his new “wifey”.

Stay strong Serena, we at 18 Karat Reggae loves you.



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  1. Drake is nothing but bed hopping whore! Guess wat AIDS are in rich people too! Drake isn’t a real man! I can’t believe his sex is good enough to anybody anything! All he got is $! Wat dey say! Money is the root of all evil! Dey illuminati asses!

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