Gully Bop says he would never cheat on his fiancée.

Gully Bob and new girlfriend
Gully Bob and new girlfriend

Dancehall Reggae fastest rising star Gully Bop want to make it clear to the world the he will never cheat on, mistreat or disrespect his fiancée Miss Chin.

The artist is currently on his first international tour in England. Last week a video hit the net that showed Gully Bop looking more like a “never see, come see” rather than a dancehall superstar.

On the video, he expressed how much he was enjoying is time in the United Kingdom.

“Is a big dream dis man. Mi haffi a pinch myself all now fi see if it real, but it real cause mi couldn’t a dream so long. And me see supm a England weh mi love special too enuh. Just like how I am a sensation here, I see a sensation in here and I like her very bad,” he said.

The interviewer then asked, “so a just one want a wuk off a yuh since you come England?” and Gully Bop responded saying, “Many, but a just one me see weh mi like.”

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As rumors started to swirl that Gully Bop might be thinking of cheating on Chin, the artist moved fast to dispel those rumors.

“No disrespect, mi nuh must love mi wife. A me and Chin a come from ya so to deh so and she neva switch off so mi caan switch off. Even if Chin was here you would still see all of dem picture deh put up,” he said.

In his defence, Gully Bop stressed that he did not know the woman he took the picture with, nor was he referring to an actual woman when he spoke of the ‘sensation’ that he liked.

“When mi seh ‘mi see supm weh mi like’, is not a woman. Is just a car weh mi like, it did deh pon display and it nah sell,” he said.

As for the woman he took the picture with, he said he is now somewhat cautious about taking pictures with fans.

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“Mi get fraid fi tek picture wid people because dem a post it a write up tings under it. But if mi stop tek picture with mi fans dem, it will melt my career,” he said.

Although he has since apologised to Shauna Chin about the picture and video, she said she still feels somewhat upset about what she saw.

“Mi feel a way, but at the end of the day is a typical man. Him already call and apologise,” she told 18 Karat Reggae.

“It get to the point weh mi did pissed off. But knowing weh me and him have, the friendship and the understanding, but a just so it go. Him call me today and we work it out.”



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