Interracial children are more beautiful than Black children, according to Kanye West.

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Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and baby
Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and baby

Kanye West is not one to shy away from controversy.  So the rapper is not exactly shocking anyone when he says that he believes that interracial children are more attractive than Black children.

The Yeezus rapper was asked why he left Amber Rose for Kim Kardashian to which the rappers responded, “Because I wanted my children to be as beautiful as possible.”

The Black community can get angry at Kanye all they want but often times the behavior within the Black community does support what Kanye West thinks.  If you ask Blacks who are the most beautiful Black celebrities, 9 out of 10 will name the usual suspects like Halle Berry, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.  Celebrities who are either multiracial or those who alter their looks to look more European are seen as more beautiful than others with strong African features.  Only 1 out of 10 Blacks would list people like Tracy Chapman, India Arie or Lauryn Hill as the most beautiful Black celebrities.

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Studies have shown that black people who look more stereotypically black (darker skin, bigger lips, wider noses) tend to be perceived as less attractive than those who look less stereotypically black (lighter skin, thin lips, straight hair).

So while Kanye West might be the only Black person brave enough to say it, he is saying what many in the Black community believe to be true.  In the Black community when someone refers to the child with the “good hair” often times they are talking about a mixed race child.  On the other hand, if a Black person uses the phrase “Nappy head child”, they are talking about a child who is 100% Black.

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  1. Is this fake news? It appears so to me having read the article. There is no source and date when he said it. No name of the interviewer either. This looks and smells like fact news. Sorry guys its bullshit.

  2. Wooooow!!!! That last sentence just let me know the author consults with Kanye. Being 100% Black does NOT equate to nappy headedness by default. Goodbye.

  3. Why you think almost all successful black men go to a white woman or high yellow micheal jordon oj simpson and afew more .don’t act

  4. Please stop believing everything you read!!! People take comments out on context all the time. Tell someone something by the time it gets to the 4-… Person the statement is totally different…. Black people stop being your own race worse enemy!!! “They” don’t have to “shoot” us down if we do it amongst each other….”beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

  5. He’s a house nigger now for sure. Massa’s kids look better than an entire race of Black children including him! Now that’s some weak BS coming from a clearly unstable person. Clearly, celebrity culture is not worth much when it comes to reality.

  6. Let’s be fair here

    Black peopl do stinks
    The women’s hairs is a weave of horses bum hair
    They are aggressive
    Thay really are as thick as shit
    They are.all.ghetto
    They are.cannibals
    Rapists and thieves
    They destroy communities

    Have you be been in a clean black

    Didn’t think so

  7. You are as ignorant as you sound. Stop hiding behind a keyboard and say this shit to a black persons face and watch you get your ads get a black beat down!

  8. Give him his meds! Sorry ass individual.. Too bad 2 African-American people laid played and made his sorry wicked ass.. Would somebody mute this fool ass nigga..

  9. Yes my mom’s place is like a museum and so was my grandmother’s house. Every one is not nasty like that but the majority are so are whites houses, there are nasty people in all races.

  10. No they are not. All interracial mixed kids are not pretty just because of that skin color, features make you pretty. There are plenty of beautiful black children just like there’s plenty of beautiful mixed children. He lost his mind since his mother died.🙄🙄

  11. Yes my mom’s place is like a museum and so was my grandmother’s house. Every one is not nasty like that but the majority are so are whites houses, there are nasty people in all races.

  12. Jamane your an idiot and obviously a racist, who cares what you think about the African American race I feel sorry for people like you, I can tell by your comment you are in desperate need for attention.

  13. Oh…so I guess that explains why white people sit in the sun to emulate black people’s skin color…get butt injections to look like black woman physically…get lip injections to emulate our full lips and pay a fortune to imitate the full figures of our naturally beautiful black woman…try to braid their har and call it 10 when THEY DO IT…(Bo Derrik).I can go on forever but I’m just going to stop here and tell the author of this bullshit post to go fuck yourself….Bye Felicia!

  14. Niggas got loud mouths with no audible sound that any sane person can hear. Shut this nigga and his sand nigga wife down.

  15. Mr. West ,

    Not because you consider your self ugly means that all the other dark skin or pale children are ugly. We are all made to look and act different, but your some one with such a brilliant mind as you to be this stupid baffles me.
    You seem to be going through a prolonged mental breakdown and I pray to the heavens above you seek the help you so desperately need.

  16. Because they wanted someone who is weak and they can control them! Why do you think Lebron, Jay Z , Master P, Snoop, Ice Cube, LL Cool J all married black women? And Russell Wilson changed back to a strong black woman! See how Ciara elevated her man? Now he’s the richest in the NFL because he has a strong black woman with him who elevated him to his highest potential that white woman cheated on him, and is now married to a white man.

  17. Do not negate from the fact that you were a complete waste of sperm and your mother should of swallowed you.

  18. Kanye always acted like he had something against Black women. The lyrics that he use to use in his records against them. Always speaking of himself as being better than them “you may be hot awhile, but Im gon be rich forever” He just mad cause Black women don’t like his stupid a!! and ain’t soft like White girls. are. But one thing I liked was when he went to see Donald Trump, an unexpected visit. Telling Trump you gonna make America Great Again.and reaching to shake Trumps hand Trump just chuckled at him, and embarrassed him. Offered him a seat and never shook his hand lmao And Kanye regretted it too. lol

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