Jah Cure and wife back together.

Jah Cure
Jah Cure and wife

Jah Cure and his wife Kamila Mcdonald appear to be back together after rumors swirl last year that Kamila filed for divorce from the reggae crooner.

After spending time together on Saturday night in Montego Bay, the couple was photographed in a car together.

“The Cure and his wife were spotted at an ital restaurant and lounge in Montego Bay late on Saturday. They entered the same car after exiting the venue,” a source told 18 Karat Reggae.

Jah Cure and Mcdonald got married in 2011. The couple also have a little daughter together. In late 2015 the media reported that Mcdonald had moved out of the house she shared with Jah Cure and also filed for a divorce. In an Onstage interview, Cure admitted that they were having problems like all couples do but refused to go much further, except to say that he loves her and he knows she loves him. (See Jah Cure’s Onstage interview below).

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Jah Cure has been having a great year music wise. He has been on top of the reggae charts, nominated for a reggae Grammy and took second place to Bob Marley in Billboard’s best reggae album of 2015. Cure’s album could have been the top reggae album of 2015, if some media outlets did not insist on using the Marleys to stifle other talented reggae artists.



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