Jamaicans are so beautiful and so unique.

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Jamaican culture
Jamaican culture

Jamaica is a unique country a dream destination for many people owing to its lifestyles, cultures and traditions. Talk of music, reggae and dancehall are all attributed to Jamaica, the country is home to great musicians of the ancient as well as modern musicians who have rocked the world with their unique hits. In Olympics Jamaica still outshines others as its home to the world fastest man, Usain Bolt. Good doctors and nurses are also known to come from Jamaica; the country has also produced some of the world’s greatest thinkers such as Marcus Garvey who have influenced the black’s power movements worldwide. Legendary foods, stunning beaches and fun spots still make Jamaica a must get to destination, I bet by now you can’t ask what is So Special about Jamaica? Check out these more reasons why you should get to Jamaica in your next vacation.

The unique culture

Jamaican cultures best describe their religion and lifestyle of the society as a whole. In Jamaica, culture is what defines people. Rastafarian is the order of the day, it is believed to have originated by a blend of African traditions as well as European peoples culture. Cultural Jamaicans have some very indigenous nut healthy foods which mostly comprise of goat meat and sea foods. Dancing is also integrated in their blood and Jamaica still has some of the best dancers of the world. You can also get to historical sites and museums to learn more of the origin of the Jamaican people.

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The music

Jamaica is the home to all type of music ranging from the now popular journals to all Jamaican folk songs. You can listen to some great tunes of Ska jazz, dancehall, dub music, reggae, Ska and mento, however all these songs have fusion in that they are performed in greater qualities. Its music is basically a fusion of elements from the US like the rhythm souls and blues as well as those songs of Africa and the neighboring Caribbean like tobaggo and Trinidad songs. Currently reggae and riddims mark Jamaican music.

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Like any other country Jamaica too has some amazing cuisines that it can boast of, the cuisines are a mixture of different cooking techniques that are characterized by different spices and flavors which are influenced by the locals as well as the Chinese, Indians, Africans, British and Spanish people who have inhabited the islands. Tropical foods and sea foods however will never miss out on the menus.

You will barely have any problems communicating in Jamaica as their official language is English, the Jamaican standard English is however a dialect that is encompassing in its own unique ways, the language merges the British dialects as well as American English in an amazing way. Make sure you get to Jamaica and live the lifestyle of the Jamaican people; you will love the stunning experience.



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