Jessica Simpson is no Cindy Crawford.

If Cindy Crawford advanced the female cause one step forward, Jessica Simpson has brought it ten steps backwards. Cindy Crawford was brave enough to allow her real photo to hit the internet, untouched. She was unafraid to let the world know that she too, like all women, have some stretch marks after giving birth to two children.

Now here comes Jessica Simpson with her Fifty Shades of Grey photo shoot, with a body so sexy and perfect it would let any twenty-something jealous. It wasn’t too long ago that Jessica Simpson looked like a fat slob who was having way more than her fair share of cheese burgers and milkshakes. It is fair to say that Jenny Craig has been helping her some, but no Jenny Craig could have gotten her from where she was to be looking like what she is looking like in the 50 Shades of Grey photo shoot.

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Why do women still feel ashamed of their natural bodies? Why are women ashamed of God / nature’s blessing after giving birth to a child? Stretch marks as a result of giving birth should be loved and embraced.

Jessica Simpson could do all the air brushing and touching up on her photos. The fact that she wants to deny nature’s natural course makes her just a fat slob. Jessica Simpson and Cindy Crawford are like the beauty and the beast, with Jessica being the latter.

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Hooray for the beautiful Cindy Crawford!



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  1. Really. First off it was weight watchers and her body is natural. Lets be fair.there is nothing weng with either woman bodies and isnt it intersting that pic frm Cindy was two years ago and yesterday Randy ,Cindy husband posted a newer pic of Cindy and it looks ver different so yeah to Cindy and Jessica. For getting in shape and looking very healthy and toned.. You might not want to be so hypocritical and check facts

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