Kendal Carter AKA Young Wo is taking hip-hop back to a higher place.

Young Wo
Young Wo

Kendal Carter, better known as his performance name “Young Wo,” is a 24 year old rapper from a small town in Alabama.

Young Wo’s first encounter with music began at the early age of 5 playing piano at his church. A few years passed and at the age of 11 he began free-styling with friends and family in the surrounding area. At the age of 16 he begged his uncle to let him use some of the equipment he had to record.

Eventually Young Wo started releasing mixtapes and doing shows. Young Wo has performed with Coast2Coast Mixtapes at Harlem Nights in Atlanta and as well as The Shelter, stomping grounds of artists such as Eminem, in Detroit. He had a #1 single entitled “Black Magic” on Trend City Radio’s Top 20 Countdown.

Young Wo’s style is one consisting of storytelling, he takes life experiences of his own and even others to lyrically illustrate life tales. Young Wo is definitely an artist that is rapidly on the rise!



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