Lee Scatch Perry: 80-years-old and still going strong.

Lee Scratch Perry
Lee Scratch Perry

If you saw Lee “Scratch” Perry walking down the road, you would think he is 50 years old. If you saw the video for his song “Pum-pum”, you would think he is 25 years. It is very obvious that JAH has blessed the living legend of reggae with long life and not much aging.

With over 40 years in music, Perry is responsible for starting Bob Marley’s career, collaborations with the likes of Paul McCartney, The Clash and co producing The Beastie Boys’ ‘Hello Nasty’ album. And that is just a few of his accomplishments.

In an interview with The Guardian on his birthday, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry spoke of working with Bob Marley: ‘He wanted to be loved and respected like me, so it worked.’

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‘He’d learn about history and could understand everything, very fast. You’d tell him something and he’d pick it up instantly.’

Perry famously burnt down his recording studio The Black Ark when he thought it had been possessed by Satan. Speaking of that memorable event, Perry explained: ‘Burning up the studio was a way of burning the demon, burning up the bad luck that had come to the people who lived in Jamaica. There is a Jewish saying that if you don’t burn the demon, maybe you die instead of him.”

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Now living in Switzerland, Perry can put his good health down to only one thing: ‘The music did it for me. As an example to prove to people that God is still alive. He keeps me well to this age. It’s like… I am a prince and the music is the king and the music is my father who art in heaven, hallowed be his name. So the music lives on.’



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